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Whooo Morse !!! 


  Unique souvenir featuring YOU in an Old West setting to show your friends and family.
Lets go for a ride on Buffy !      We have a PBR bucking bull who's name is Little Brother, a Horse, Moose, Buffalo, and a Grizzly Bear!
Do think he can hold all of us ??? 
     We now have a Studio Trailer and go to  different events, and take two of our animals.  You can have your picture  taken on one of them and receive your 5x7 photo in 8 seconds! 


February 9-26th at San Antonio Livestock Show.

March 7-26st Houston Livestock Show

April 16-21st. at Rimrock Mall with our PBR bull from 11am to 7pm.

Montana State Fair. July 27 - August 4th with the bull and horse

October 13-20 NILE   We'll have our bucking bull and horse on the Concourse during the rodeo and come early and get your picture taken on one of the animals or even both of them!

November 2-4th Market Place Magic at the Metra in the Expo building
We'll be there with our "Morse" the moose for Christmas cards.

November 10-11th  Holiday Art and Craft Show at the Metra in the Expo building.  We'll be there with our"Morse" the moose for Christmas cards.

November15-December31. We are at Rimrock Mall with our moose, bear ,and buffalo.  We have the mall hours so come in and have your Christmas card done.

Hope to see you at one of these events!

                                                Our Studio Trailer
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