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Whooo Morse !!! 


  Unique souvenir featuring YOU in an Old West setting to show your friends and family.
Lets go for a ride on Buffy !      We have a PBR bucking bull who's name is Little Brother, a Horse, Moose, Buffalo, and a Grizzly Bear!
Do think he can hold all of us ??? 
     We now have a Studio Trailer and go to  different events, and take two of our animals.  You can have your picture  taken on one of them and receive your 5x7 photo in 8 seconds! 


January 15-17th at the Oklahoma Fair grounds for the IFR.

February 11-28th at San Antonio Livestock Show.

March1-21st Houston Livestock Show

April 11 -16th at Rimrock Mall with our PBR bull from 10am to 7pm.
June 3-5th at Malta Montana for the 1960's Reunion and the Car show .. At the Malta City Park.

July2-4th at Red Lodge Rodeo with our PBR Bull " Little Brother"

July18-24 Big Sky County State Fair in Bozeman Montana with our

July29-August 6th Great Falls State Fair with our moose

August 12-20th at the Montana Fair, Billings, Montana with our moose

Hope to see you at one of these events!

                                                Our Studio Trailer
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